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Meet the demands of the always-on consumer

Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever before. They expect you to offer a state-of-the-art shopping experience regardless of which channel they use to interact with your brand.


But customers themselves don‘t think in terms of channels. They just think in terms of your brand, and they expect a unified experience.

They expect you to provide a highly relevant and seamless interaction on every touch point, at every time – regardless of which touch point they use

• their PC,

• their mobile phone,

• a tablet,

• phoning your call center,

• engaging their social network, or

• walking into one of your store locations.

Wise System offers the tools you need

… to connect all these touch points and unify your commerce processes on a single, highly flexible platform. We enable you to offer your customers a world-class shopping experience and to do business the way they expect to.

Wise System B2C Commerce is rated a “leader” and among the two or three best by both Forrester and Gartner.

Wise System B2C Commerce delivers a state-of-the-art consumer experience to maximize conversion and revenue

• Best-in-class search and navigation functionality, including faceted browsing, keyword suggestions, and searchandising capabilities

• Comprehensive and advanced personalization to deliver targeted and more relevant content

• Vouchers, product recommendations and promotions for efficient marketing campaigns and cross-selling offers

• Enhanced brand engagement, site traffic and customer loyalty via integrations to the most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest

• Ratings and reviews that utilize the “wisdom of the crowds” and improve your search engine ranking

• Built-in customer service functionality to increase time-to-resolution and turn your service channel into a selling channel

Wise System minimizes total cost of ownership with optimized processes and increased productivity

• Develop and manage content with a built-in intuitive web content management system that includes effective workflow management

• Execute robust product merchandising without IT involvement

• Operate multiple online stores on a single platform for multi-tenant or multi-brand strategies

• Centralize order management capabilities to enable efficient omni-channel fulfillment

• Deploy Wise System B2C Commerce in the way that best fits your needs - either on-premise, hosted by Wise System, or on-demand in the cloud

• Enrich your product descriptions with high resolution images and videos managed by built-in digital asset management (DAM)

• Consolidate and manage all product content and attributes across all channels via native integration with Wise System’ award-winning master data management product (Wise System PCM)

Wise System delivers true omni-channel commerce

• A quicker time-to-market with Wise System Commerce Accelerator, a production-ready, customizable multichannel commerce system that includes Web, mobile, call-center, and order management functionality straight from the box

• A fully integrated mobile commerce solution so you can quickly build mobile-optimized websites or native mobile apps for today’s smart phones

• Print capabilities that reduce costs through automated print production processes

• OmniCommerce Connect APIs that can integrate new touch points and new channels without lengthy and costly IT cycles

Wise System delivers the flexibility, extensibility and scale you need for limitless expansion and growth

• transaction environments; Implementations in production support over 20 million SKUs and 6,000 transactions per second

• Wise System B2C Commerce is built on the highly flexible Wise System platform that is architected to be the operating environment for modern, always-on Internet applications; The platform provides a standards-based development framework on which anyone can build custom applications or extensions to the platform or Wise System applications

• Wise System supports multiple languages, currencies, and tax calculations for efficient expansion into new segments, markets, and geographies

• Wise System supports additional sales channels such as mobile or print natively, on a single platform